USB Token

USB Token for DSC

USB Token for DSC or Digital Signature Certificate for Digital Signing, being a host of vital protective measures, have gained massive recognition in the past years. Since CCA has also made it mandatory for the users to have a USB token along with their DSCs, the user can utilize these “Plug and Play” tokens to download and install DSCs on them.

With its two-factor authentication process for validation, secure local and remote desktop login, people are now enjoying the liberty to perform their signing operation from remote locations.

Types of USB Tokens For DSC


The Proxkey USB token is a hardware cryptographic token with two-factor authentication. The involvement of both private and public keys makes the entire signing process smooth. Also, the private key is stored on the chip embedded inside the token. Thus, can’t be exported.

ePass 2003

These epass2003 USB tokens, widely used for storing or downloading any kind of digital signature certificates, are easy to carry anywhere. With the standards of x.509 v3 certificate storage makes it easy for the user to encrypt or decrypt the shared or signed information at an ease. Thus, helps in making their entire signing process easy and quick.


A USB mToken helps in assuring or identifying the user’s identity electronically, thus enhancing digital security. The secure and strong authentication for network access allows you to perform cloud signing operations at ease.

Advantage of USB Tokens

The best thing about signing the desired documents and files using those USB tokens is that these tokens are easy to carry and can get installed on any system. Also, the signed documents can never get altered and can’t get altered without the signer’s acceptance. The use of password-protected tokens assures a high level of security to the token users or signers.

How To Perform Signing On PDF Documents Using The USB Tokens?

1. At first, you have to Plug in the USB Token that you are having into your System.

2. Then, you need to install the related drivers on your USB Token. These drivers are generally provided by your DSC issuing authority for your tokens and can be downloaded easily through our web portal as well.

3. Verifying the credential of the installed certificates has always remained an advantage. You can also view the content under the property options of the default internet explorer.

4. All the digital certificates are generally listed under the certificate sections. There the user can also check for the validity and specifications of the installed drivers.

5. Once all the drivers get installed on your workstation or on the USB device itself, you become free now to download the PDF file on your system that you intend to sign digitally.

6. Save the downloaded PDF File to the desired destination of your Hard Drive.

7. Open the downloaded PDF file using Adobe Acrobat PDF readers or any other related software installed on your system.

8. Your customized authentication subtleties will then appear on your screen immediately after you mark your area for signing.

9. Your personalized certificate details will appear on your desktop window immediately after you select an area for the signing.

10. Enter the private key provided with your Digital Signature Certificates to encrypt your signed document.

11. When signed successfully, you can save this signed PDF document on your system. Adding a suffix ( _signed) to your file name will be helpful.

12. Once signed, store the signed copy in your workstation for future references.

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