PAN Based DSC Application Process

Once you have selected the appropriate DSC, and successfully completed the payment, you will receive a DSC processing link in your email (something like:$$$Q==).

On clicking the link, you will receive a page as shown below:

Verification options for getting a DSC:

  1. Offline Aadhaar
  2. PAN Based
  3. Existing Capricorn user (with a eKYC ID and PIN)

Select the Offline Aadhaar option, if:

  1. Your aadhaar number is linked to your mobile number.

When you click the PAN based link, you will get the DSC Application Form, as shown below:

Steps to fill the form

  1. Enter your Name.
  2. Enter your PAN number.
  3. Enter your (working) Email ID.
  4. Enter your mobile number with STD code prefixed (Example: 919999123456)
  5. Enter your complete address.
  6. Enter your state.
  7. Enter your city name.
  8. Enter pincode.
  9. Enter an eKYC ID. This will be your login to Capricorn website. Please remember this, for quick future references.
    • It must be alphanumeric (alphabets and numbers).
    • It must start with alphabet.
    • It must be minimum 4 letters long.
  10. Enter an eKYC PIN (6-digit numeric), which would act as a password to your login.
  11. Enter your Date of Birth (in mm/dd/yyyy format).
  12. Select your Gender.
  13. Enter last 4-digits of your Aadhaar number.
  14. For mobile verification, please click on Get OTP button.
  15. Enter a Download Key (alphanumeric, minimum 5 and maximum 8 characters). Please remember this, as this will be required to Download the certificate into the USB token.

Once you completely fill the form, click on Submit button. If everything is entered correctly, you will receive the Order Confirmation page, as shown below:

Please note down the Order ID number, for future tracking and also for downloading the DSC. You will also receive it on your email, and also on whatsapp (if its active on your mobile number, mentioned in the form).

Record Video

To complete the DSC process, you need to record a video, as per the CCA guidelines. You can record the video by:

  1. Click on RECORD VIDEO link, on the order confirmation page itself.
  2. From the LINK, received on your email. All the instructions are available in the email.
  3. From mobile app: Capricorn Customer Application. Use the below links:
    • For Android customers:

  • For Apple customers:

Once you click on the Record Video link, a below like screen will appear:

** Please keep your original PAN card and Address proof (Aadhaar/Passport/Voter ID/Driving License (DL)) ready with you, as you need to show it on the screen, when you Record the video.

On this page, once you click on Record Video, it may ask for Camera and Microphone access, to record your video on your device. Please click on Allow, on the screen as shown below. (** If you do not allow this on your device, it will create issues in video verification, and DSC application process might have to be started afresh again.)

Once you have allowed the access, it will start the video and you need to speak the lines, shown on your screen. You can speak in ANY one Language (English or Hindi). The lines would be something like this:

I, <your name> with video code <numeric code> have applied for digital signature and eKYC with capricorn CA.

मैं, <आपका नाम> ने वीडियो कोड <संख्यात्मक कोड> के साथ डिजिटल हस्ताक्षर और KYC के लिए कैप्रीकोर्न CA के साथ आवेदन किया है।

** The highlighted red part would be different on your screen. The numeric code changes everytime you click on Record Video link. Read the lines once on your screen, before starting the Record Video option, so that you the video is perfect in one-go itself.

After speaking the lines, please show your original PAN and Address proof (Aadhaar / Passport / Voter ID / Driving License (DL)) both side: front and back.

Video recording will automatically stop after 20-25 seconds and the video will be uploaded automatically.

Track DSC Application Status

For tracking DSC Application status, click on the link:

You need to enter your Order ID, and your pincode, and then click on Submit button.

Important Instructions :

  • Applicant must have aadhaar offline zip file or capricorn e-Kyc account.
  • Applicant must have to record video as a guideline of CCA to verification.
  • After video verification, you must have to esign the subscriber agreement and order form at any time.
  • Applicant should have access to his/her email ID and mobile number while applying.
  • Class-2 DSC is accepted for GST, MCA, ROC, Income Tax, etc.
  • Issuance of DSC is subject to approval by Certifying Authority (Capricorn CA).
  • You need eToken to safely download and store the digital signature.


1. Colored passport size photo is required.

2. Background must be Plain.

3. Client must be facing front in the photo.

4. Photo must not be older than 6 months.

5. Headphones, Cap and sunglasses are not allowed.


1. Applicants name must mentioned in address proof.

2. Aadhaar (eKYC Service)

3. Driving License (DL)/ Registration Certificate (RC)

4. Voter ID Card

5. Passport

6. Landline Telephone Bill

7. Electricity Bill

8. Water Bill

9. Gas connection

10. Bank Statements signed by the bank

11. GST registration certificate.

12. Property Tax/ Corporation/ Municipal Corporation Receipt

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